G.G. Gociman Area

Located at the entrance point of Mamaia resort and the City of Constantza, on the shore of the Siutghiol Lake, near the Idu Tennis Courts, a mark of the white sport, G.G. Gociman can be found at halfway between the largest amusement park of the romanian seaside and the Casino, at 200 m from the amusement park, Aqua Magic, and at only 10 m from the Comercial Centres Carrefour and City Mall.

How to get there? ( show map )

Local transportation: to Mamaia you can take 301, 305, 304; 310 maxitaxi and the 23 line to Navodari, from the city’s trainstation.
Rides with the summer double-decker buses are made on the route :
» Trainstation - to Mamaia Resort
» Trainstation – to the Resorts from the south seaside

Other touristic attractions: Natural Science Centre ( Aquarium, Planetarium, Exotic Animals, Microdelta ), The Acheology and History Museum, The Genovese Lighthouse, The Roman Mozaic Edifice.
Rides with the boat to Ovidiu Island from the dock near the Casino, towards the place where it is presumed to be the Latin poet, Ovidiu’s grave.

The Siutghiol Lake: has an 8 km lengh and between 700 and 4000 m width, the water level being about 2 m above the sea level; it is sustained by undergroud springs that had reduced the initial saltness of the lake; on the 1900 ha of the lake are practiced water sports like waterskiing and yachting. The Siutghiol Lake has an limestoned island, Ovidiu, with the surface of 2 ha, where you can find a restaurant.

The Mamaia Beach: Mamaia is the oldest resort from the romanian seaside. In the year of 1906 it was arranged at 5 km north from the city, on a strip of sand, bathed at the est by the sea waves and at the west by the fresh water of the Siutghiol Lake. The Casino appeareance, the villas, and the summer residence of King Ferdinand after the year of 1916, lead to a fast development of the Mamaia resort, quickly becoming the pearl of the romanian seaside.

Aqua Magic
price-lists: 36 lei/day/adult person; minors under a meter and a half 18 lei/day; children under 3 years free. Once you are in, there is no charging. Located at the entrance point of Mamaia, it’s the first aquatic amusement park in Romania, on a surface of 2 ha.

Tennis Idu Courts, one of the brand centres of the white sport from Romania, is located at only 15 m from G.G. Gociman Hotel.

made for the first time in Romania, the Mamaia Gondola Project represents a complex installation on cable transportation, destinated for tourists who want to admire the view of Mamaia Resort. The transport capacity is of 600-1500 pax/h. The tourist can embark from two stations, the first in the Perla Mamaia zone, and the second in the Casino Mamaia zone. In this way the tourists will have the oportunity to really floate above the Mamaia Resort, for about 7 minutes at a height of max 50 m.
A gondola has 8 seats, being enclosed with natural ventilation and sun protection, having sun blockled windows to ensure a good visibility. The equipment used is according to international standards, with a maximum safety degree . The total lenght of the route is of 2000 m.

Promenade Area
With the help of City Hall Constantza and the City Council, the Mamaia Resort has become one of the most beautiful resorts from the Black Sea side and from Romania. Palm tree were planted along the seawall, there were build artesian wells with enchanting lights, the streets were completely asphalted and the sidewalks were decorated with colorful pavement. During the summer you can enjoy shows and cultural artistic manifestations in open air.

from all the bars and clubs we only mention: Bourbon House, “By Day Pub By Night Club”
Phone:0722 23.970; 0788 462.752
E-mail: pub@bourbon.ro
Web-site: www.bourbon.ro

Club Phoenix
Str. Cpt. Dobrila Egeniu 1, Constanța, www.club-phoenix.ro

Megalos Pub
Bd Mamaia 155, Constanța

La Mania
Mamaia, Constanța, cod poștal 900001
Web: www.lamania.ro
LA MANIA BEACH was opened in midsummer 2001 and represented form the start a relaxing destination of those who seek to combine the sun, the sea water with real music, mixed by the best DJs of Romania but also by special guests from abroad.
The beach is surrounded, equipped with louge chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, DJ desk and bars, just like in Ibiza.

Located on the shore of the Black Sea, is the best beach bar in Mamaia. It's right next to La Mania and Kristal Summer clubs which makes it the hottest place for cool parties and afterhours.

It’s a place on a wild beach, that combines the crazy weekend parties in the night with the exclusive beach and the delightful food during the day! It’s the best place for holidays, with a 400 spots beach, a restaurant and club for weekend parties!

Recreation Grounds
8 recreation grounds were founded, 4 on the shore of Siutghiol Lake and 4 on the Black Sea shore. In this way the tourists can enjoy water bicyle rides, parachute lifts, divings, windsurfing and yahting school, float towings, water scooter, boats recreation with catamaran sails and caravelles.